Monthly Archives: May 2016

Untitled Artists Fair

I’m busy making yet more new work to show at Untitled Artists Fair in London in a couple of weeks. The opening night is Friday 3rd of June and the fair will be open until Sunday afternoon. I’m looking forward to seeing lots of different styles of work and meeting the artists. You can download free tickets or request some direct from me via

A sneak preview of one of the paintings in progress:


Paintings at Espresso Library

A couple of shots of some of the new work on show in Cambridge while it was being hung. Feedback from the current exhibition has been really encouraging; it’s great to see so much of my work together in a place and an atmosphere that so many people come to spend time in. I’m loving dropping in every few days with friends.

If you’d like to take a look (and enjoy some great coffee and cake at the same time!) my work will be in Espresso Library until the 7th of July.

Exhibition of new work in Cambridge

I’m really excited to be showing around a dozen pieces of work, including several new pieces produced specifically for the exhibition, at Espresso Library in Cambridge. The opening night is Friday 13 May and the work will be on show for 8 weeks until the 7th of July. All work on show will be available for sale.

Here’s a sneak peak at a detail from one of the new paintings: