Lockdown blues

With life turned upside down during the pandemic and lockdown, which for me includes little time to be focussing on art while our wonderful schools and nurseries are closed and my day job (which I’m delighted to be in a position to continue from home) wraps around childcare, it’s easy to feel blue. I’m trying to stay positive by taking stock of what I am able to achieve, however small, and planning what I really want to get stuck into when I get the chance.

This small piece – part painting, part sculpture/collage – was made just after lock-down was imposed. It started with an accident – the smashing of a favourite mug that reminded someone of holidays by the coast. I call it ‘breaking waves’, and hope that the coastal memories still come back to them even though it’s not much good for holding their coffee.

Emily Jolley_breaking waves_2020

UPDATE: This piece was featured in the June edition of Velvet magazine