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Latest commission update

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had the opportunity to finalise a commission on location, allowing me to respond directly to the other decor and feel of the space. I’m really pleased with the resulting paintings which both hold their own and compliment their environment.

These beauties were made using Farrow and Ball and Little Greene paints, as well as a bespoke background colour that I mixed. I really love their impact!

Latest Cambridge commission

I’m excited and delighted that another commission will be making its way to it’s new home very soon. The lovely client who asked me to work on this beauty got in touch as she wanted something special for her newly refurbished kitchen diner. She was able to share with me her Farrow&Ball colour-scheme, picked the type of motif she wanted me to work on, and allowed me to take it from there. This was a joy to work on and I’m really pleased with the final result.

And here are some in-progress shots:

Current commissions off to Cambridge homes

I’m delighted that these lovely things have now gone to a new home, and am excited to start work on my next commission, the canvas for which arrived this morning! These paintings have been developed with a particular place in mind, responding to both the feel of the space and the existing colour scheme.

Wear paint

I’d been working on something different for this year’s Cambridge Open Studios at Burwash Manor to show alongside my main work – paintings that you can take with you everywhere you go.

It’s one of the things I’m most gutted about not being able to get ‘out there’ in person this July as they’ve been a while in development and I’m really pleased with the results. These delicate but quite robust little necklaces are made with my signature material, emulsion paint, trapped inside glass globes.

The process of making them (researching and testing what would work well, controlling materials while embracing their nature and some chaos with it, repetition…) learning some new techniques, and loving the outcome has been hugely enjoyable.

I hope that I’ll still find ways to share them and that they prove popular enough for me to make more!

New commission

I’ve been having fun working on a new commission, in this case adapting a couple of the pieces that were shown at Espresso Library from mid-May to early July. I’m really pleased with how they’ve developed in response to how they’ll work alongside other features of their future home, taking on more vibrancy and movement in the process. I think they are at the stage now of feeling ‘finished’.

The images below show some close-ups and the piece(s) as they currently stand on my ‘work in progress’ wall which is just over 2m wide and is directly in front of my desk. A good use of space, this allows me to contemplate about how work is progressing while seeing it in a domestic setting, which I find extremely helpful… and shows that you really don’t need a lot of room to be able to enjoy art that can make a real statement and transform a space.

Paintings at Espresso Library

A couple of shots of some of the new work on show in Cambridge while it was being hung. Feedback from the current exhibition has been really encouraging; it’s great to see so much of my work together in a place and an atmosphere that so many people come to spend time in. I’m loving dropping in every few days with friends.

If you’d like to take a look (and enjoy some great coffee and cake at the same time!) my work will be in Espresso Library until the 7th of July.

Exhibition of new work in Cambridge

I’m really excited to be showing around a dozen pieces of work, including several new pieces produced specifically for the exhibition, at Espresso Library in Cambridge. The opening night is Friday 13 May and the work will be on show for 8 weeks until the 7th of July. All work on show will be available for sale.

Here’s a sneak peak at a detail from one of the new paintings:


Graphic graphs

Commissioned by Max.


60 cm x 60 cm

Emulsion, watercolour pencil, pencil, and ink on board and canvas

This was commissioned after Max saw an earlier work, which also went to a good home. It was great to work with him on what he wanted and seeing the work evolve.

What can you see from your sofa?

Sure, the TV; but what else? Some of us go to galleries to lose ourselves to art for a while, but don’t forget that you can do the same at home.

From my sofa I often spend some quality time with a print of a Matisse that reminds me of my visit to The Cut-Outs exhibition at Tate Modern, and this:


120 x 70 cm

Emulsion and oil paint on canvas

Using space

I think that big work can work well in a small space. There’s a risk that people shy away from having and displaying art that they really like because they don’t feel they have the space to show it well. Consider the space that you have and how best you could use it, and take a risk to live with something you love.

These paintings were not made as a pair, but they’re currently hanging alongside one another. I like the dynamic between them and that they’re always in view as I’m writing at my desk.


Each painting is 1m x 1m

Circle: Emulsion, acrylic and blackboard paint on canvas

Tree: Emulsion and blackboard paint on raw calico (detail below)



This painting takes up almost a whole chimney breast. The room is barely 3m wide, but it’s a great use of this space. Be bold!


1.2m x 1.2m

Emulsion paint, pins, oil paint, turpentine, and linseed oil on board