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New commission

I’ve been having fun working on a new commission, in this case adapting a couple of the pieces that were shown at Espresso Library from mid-May to early July. I’m really pleased with how they’ve developed in response to how they’ll work alongside other features of their future home, taking on more vibrancy and movement in the process. I think they are at the stage now of feeling ‘finished’.

The images below show some close-ups and the piece(s) as they currently stand on my ‘work in progress’ wall which is just over 2m wide and is directly in front of my desk. A good use of space, this allows me to contemplate about how work is progressing while seeing it in a domestic setting, which I find extremely helpful… and shows that you really don’t need a lot of room to be able to enjoy art that can make a real statement and transform a space.

Untitled Artists Fair

I’m busy making yet more new work to show at Untitled Artists Fair in London in a couple of weeks. The opening night is Friday 3rd of June and the fair will be open until Sunday afternoon. I’m looking forward to seeing lots of different styles of work and meeting the artists. You can download free tickets or request some direct from me via

A sneak preview of one of the paintings in progress:



Smaller work testing colours and formats.


Emulsion and acrylic on board

20cm x 20cm


IMG_20160318_100032 (1)

Emulsion on board

20cm x 20cm


I often return to grids and mixed media in my work, getting to know new materials and letting those materials make the marks.

I produced several pieces that involved cutting up material and sewing it back together. Some included elements of painting or drawing. In each case though of most interest to me were the imperfections within the repeating structure, and the shadows and movement created in hanging as only the top row of the work is attached to the wall.

IMG_20160126_135007 (2)

Approximately 80 x 80 cm

PVC and cotton