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No Frost At Night – Babylon Arts

No Frost At Night

Fourteen-day diary project

Babylon Arts (curator Sid White-Jones)

Completed 11 – 24 April 2021 and returned to Babylon Arts, Babylon Gallery, Ely

I expressed an interest in taking part in this project and received a 14 day diary to complete through the post. I took over a week to feel comfortable starting the project. After completing it I had this to say in the notes at the end of the diary:

Diaries are embarrassing; private and personal, they are unedited.

Approaching this project, I first thought of themes on which I could write or draw that would show a developing picture over the 14 days. Instead I just started one day, after coming home from my morning walk, quickly scribbling an impression that had stayed with me.

I have resisted the urge to improve on drawings, edit words, or add subsequent commentary. The pages show a spontaneous snapshot of (imperfect) memory.

I’ve learned from this project, or remembered, the discipline of capturing impressions, of thoughts, of reflecting on what meant something.

I plan to continue with something like this format to keep notes and set myself up for the day by being receptive to playfulness, to what intrigues me, and warming up my hand to make meaningful marks.

Thank you Sid White-Jones and Babylon Arts.

I won’t be including all of the pages here – some of them are embarrassing! And I feel they belong to the project which is now out of my hands. (I have returned the diary to Babylon Arts to make of what they wish for the exhibition.) Below are the notes that I made each day. It’s interesting to me that strung together they have a certain poetry to them.


Pearly grays

Swallows soar and swoop

Stop to watch

Art can make me feel this way


Blue sky


Rainbow dew


Rust coloured catkins falling into the ouse making ripples like huge fish



Hidden treasure


Bursting bright


Shadow shapes



Dragon shaped

Fire scraps found


Midge cloud


Stunning sun





Bumbling over clouds of white stars

First butterfly sight




So long heron


Dishevelled blue tit

Sitting flitting

Blossom snow falling

Slow flow into the river

Floating faster and faster

Till bumbled down the fall


Sense of place


Negative space


Blackbird warning

‘Cat cat cat cat’

@cambridgecraftfestival 5 June 2021

I’m excited to be taking part in the innovative online Cambridge Craft Festival alongside dozens of talented makers.

As part of this I’ll be aiming to promote my signature abstract paintings incorporating emulsion paint as well as smaller abstracts on paper, drawings, prints and my collection of playful jewellery handmade with paint trapped inside delicate necklaces.

I look forward to learning a lot from my fellow makers and the fantastic organisers Camilla and Jem, both independent craft business owners based in Cambridge.

The festival will be Live on Instagram @cambridgecraftfestival and via the website

I would say I can’t wait – but I’m also looking forward to the preparation, planning and promotion throughout May before we get there!

Latest Cambridge commission

I’m excited and delighted that another commission will be making its way to it’s new home very soon. The lovely client who asked me to work on this beauty got in touch as she wanted something special for her newly refurbished kitchen diner. She was able to share with me her Farrow&Ball colour-scheme, picked the type of motif she wanted me to work on, and allowed me to take it from there. This was a joy to work on and I’m really pleased with the final result.

And here are some in-progress shots:

Cambridge Open Windows preview weekend!

I genuinely couldn’t wait for Cambridge Open Windows to start, so decided to kick off early with a preview weekend this weekend! Here’s a behind-the-scenes shot.

20200628_163709_scaled 1000

I hope it may have got a few people talking in Huntingdon in advance of the main event throughout July, but it also helped me work out how to most effectively show work in this format. Key points to note:

  • My contact details didn’t stand out, so they’ll be moving to the top windows!
  • Having work flush against the windows does work well where this is possible due to the nature of the work and if there’s no risk of condensation… this poses a logistical challenge for a number of the things I am hoping to show during the next month.

I’m setting myself the goal of having a completely new display each weekend in July; though I may repeat the preview weekend’s display for one of them as it includes newer work and lent itself well to being shown in this way.

Testing time

I’m testing some new approaches. Smaller scales and working directly onto paper or fabrics without stretchers to encourage me to experiment more and not worry so much about ‘failures’.

I loved tearing some fantastic paper to size before starting to test a dripping technique I’ve been meaning to try for AGES that will provide a more continuous line. I’m really pleased with the results so far and look forward to doing much more of this.

20200124 testing

Testing new paint

I’m enjoying testing out some new colour-ways and textures having picked up a new colour from Providence paint at their shop at Burwash Manor. It was tricky to come away with just the one!

New lino prints

It’s always good to try something new. Having attended a lino printing workshop by the fantastic printmaker Nina Sage I’ve fallen in love with the process so will be developing some prints to show at Burwash Manor on 27th and 28th of July alongside my paintings. I’m still at the test print stage but am encouraged by the results so far.

Whereas my paintings (often influenced by the natural world) are usually abstract I’m enjoying sticking with representational images while mastering the printing techniques. The prints also allow me to use my preparatory drawings and observations in a new way.

Using the processes and materials to evoke/capture movement in a print through mark making, as in any medium, is very satisfying.

COS 2019

I’m looking forward to taking part in Cambridge Open Studios again, this year at fantastic Burwash Manor on the 27th and 28th of July. This will be a new venue for me and I’m delighted to be exhibiting alongside other artists at such a great location with the farm, fantastic shops and Art Hound gallery also on site, which will make it a great day out for anyone coming to see the exhibition.

I’m working on some new ideas to show at COS in July at which I’ll be showing paintings and hopefully some lino prints too. I’m 130 in the guide and you can also download the COS app which is brilliant for navigating your way to the artists and makers you most want to see, whether by location or discipline.

Preparation stacking up

I’m enjoying reviewing my work and deciding on what to hang for my Cambridge Open Studios weekend in just over a month. I’m really looking forward to when I can finally start hanging the exhibition and arranging rooms with plenty of extra work for visitors to rifle through… In the meantime it’s tricky to find space to make new work with pieces stacking up while I’m deciding whether and how best to show them.