I really love working on commissions. The prospect of making work that is responding to and intended for a particular space is an exciting challenge. I always enjoy working to a brief that encourages me to adapt and expand on my previous work.

Ways that we can work together on a bespoke painting:

You can:

  • Send me images of the space that it is intended for – include details of other décor that you love, and/or
  • Share your interior design colour palette with me and/or
  • Send me or otherwise specify particular paints you would like me to incorporate

We will:

  • Discuss the style and format that would work best for you e.g.
    • Previous examples/motifs that appeal to you
    • A single canvas / diptych / triptych / more
    • Landscape / square format
    • Large (100cm+), Medium (>60cm <100cm), Small (<60cm)
  • Agree a budget
  • Discuss realistic timescales

I will:

  • Provide a quote based on your specific requirements
  • Share colour tests/sketches and progress updates as the work develops (or if you wish you can wait for a grand reveal!)
  • Work with any feedback from you during the development of the final artwork

Affordable prices

Indicative pricing is set out below. Commissions will be quoted on a case by case basis taking into account the complexity and scale of the work proposed.

Standard deposit (covering materials and administration)£100*
Small (<60cm in either dimension)£70* to £150* per canvas
Medium (>60cm <100cm in either dimension)£200* to £450* per canvas
Large (100cm or larger in either dimension)£500* to £950* per canvas

*illustrative only, prices may vary based on specific requirements


Timescales will be discussed on an individual basis based on complexity, capacity and space available at the time as well as the urgency of the project. As a guideline please allow at least 4 weeks from your order being accepted and deposit received to the final painting(s) being ready to ship.


Giclee prints of my work are occasionally available as limited edition prints. Please contact me to enquire about a specific image and check the gallery shop for current releases. You can also sign up to receive updates.

Bespoke editions of my lino prints can be developed on request. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Client Feedback